The Docs Wealth Project

The only program of its kind that helps doctors

(dentists, physicians, pharmacists, podiatrists, veterinarians)

invest in the stock market and real estate with confidence.

Does this sound like you?

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*You graduated from medical, dental, or pharmacy school and are ready to have multiple streams of income from the stock market and real estate

*You want to invest but don’t know how or where to start

*You want passive income that will give you more time and financial freedom

*You don’t want to depend only on your salary (I am sure the pandemic has taught ALL of us that we need more than one income)

*You want to build wealth and not just life paycheck to paycheck or just to make ends meet

What my students are saying


“I wish I had done this 10 yrs ago when I first started in the workforce. Besides the fact you
receive personalized, sound and effective advice, the accountability that begins to develop is critical
to jumpstarting consistent practice in both personal and business.”

SJM, General dentist in MA


“This course has been so valuable to me. I have taken your advice on getting a side hustle to make more money/ established a budget/ almost finished my cushion fund/ opened up investment accounts/ and acquired an investment property. All with your help and in just a few weeks. I feel less stressed about money now that I have a plan. And! I even meal prepped this week! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Dr. Diaby, General dentist in NC


“I have a plan to get out of debt, and I started investing. I don’t feel much despair anymore and am more confident and energetic. I feel so much more hopeful about my future.”

Dr. Elsie (General dentist in PA)

Dr. Elsie (General dentist in PA)

Video Testimonial

Imagine just one year from now:


  • Have passive income that is starting to replace your salary/income
  • Have an income investment property, or several
  • Are comfortable purchasing investment properties outside of your state 
  • Know how to fund your brokerage account
  • Be confident and knowledgeable on how to fund and find real estate deals
  • Know where to find income-producing real estate investments 
  • Can start working less…without impacting your wealth or health!
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This all sounds great, doesn’t it? This could be you.

I work with doctors daily to help them create generational wealth even if they still have debt!!

1.   Training on your success path to debt repayment and investing to keep you in momentum 

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2.   Weekly group laser coaching to get your specific questions answered.

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3.   Special guests such as lenders, accountants, and estate attorney

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4.  Private Facebook Community where you can ask questions and get support

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A Note From Dr. Caroline Clerisme

Hi doc!

I am a general dentist in NH. I am also a wife, mom to a 1-year old, Oliva, and an amazing cook.

I graduated from Tufts in 2011. I had a total of $250,000 in student loans. Growing up in Haiti, I had no exposure or knowledge of credit, credit cards or how to manage such a large some of student loans. I had no help. I felt confused, angry, bitter, overwhelmed, you name it.

It took me 4 years to pay it all off.  Till this day, I still have peace of mind, and am still creating wealth.

The pain and struggle I experienced during my early years of debt repayment created a new passion for me. The passion to help other doctors just like me…doctors who want financial freedom and want to create generational wealth.

I invite you to join the Doctors out of Debt group coaching program.

See you soon!

Caroline Clerisme, DMD

Frequently Asked Questions

The program starts on April 5th 2022 at 7 pm EST.

We meet every week on Zoom. All sessions will be recorded.

The program is 12 weeks long.

Your personal questions will be answered in hot seat style coaching and receive 1:1 with me during the group call AND in the private FB group in between sessions.

No. All of the doctors participating are committed to achieving passive income and practicing medicine how they would like to.


Module 1: Investor Profiling

Module 2: Introduction to the Stock Market

Module 3: Four things to look for before investing in a company

Module 4: Start Investing: place your first trade

Module 5: Risk Management: how to not lose it all.

Module 6:  Intro to Crypto

Module 7: Let’s enter the world of real estate

Module 8: Funding your real estate deals

Module 9: Where to find the deals

Module 10: Analyzing & closing your deal

Module 11: Protecting your assets 

Module 12: Q&A

Guest speakers include tax accountants, estate attorney, realtors, real estate experts, and more


One Time Payment


2 Months Plan