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Here are 4 steps to creating lasting wealth and success in life.

Wealth is about free time and financial security, not fancy cars, mansions, designer outfits etc. Here are 4 steps to creating lasting wealth and success in life. 1. Work while they Sleep:Instead of sleeping, work and you will definitely smile at last. 2. Learn while they Party:Knowledge is power, never forget that. Keep learning and putting it to practice. As…

New tips for investors in real estate

There is no right time than now right now to get into real estate, with housing market prices going up and it being a sellers market. If you’re new to real estate investing there still are things you can do! ☑️ Do all the research you can!Read books, blogs, YouTube, podcasts etc. ☑️ Connect with lenders and figure out what…

Several ways to invest in real estate

There are several ways to invest in real estate. The best way, however, depends on your goals. Real estate investment can be a great idea, just make sure you conduct a research before you buy anything. You can invest in real estate through many different channels, but the most common are these different ways. 1. Own A Property:Owning a property…

Top 3 strategies to pay off ANY six figure student loan debt FAST!

Confused on where to start? Anxious about your student loan debt? Not sure what the best strategy is to pay off your debt?

Check out the checklist to know how you can pay off ANY student loan debt fast.

Click here for the checklist

Since my family already posting lol I paid off my loans!!!
Budget, Plan, Execute
Paid off 115k in student loan debt in…

Posted by Bre Yancey on Saturday, August 29, 2020

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I graduated from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine with about $ 250,000 in student loans and was able to pay everything off in 4.5 years. I used to be that doctor who was scared, frustrated, confused about how to pay off her debt and invest.

Now, thanks to a debt free lifestyle, I have been able to maintain a stress free life, have peace of mind, buy cars cash, invest aggressively in myself, real estate and the stock market, prepay my vacations, freely help family members, to name a few.

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The Stories of Success

“Tomorrow by 12 noon I’ll be free from credit card debt that has plagued my life for 15yrs. My love-hate relationship with my credit cards.”


-Pediatrician in GA

“I sent the payoff for 2 of the credit cards and the payment to Macy’s as the plan suggested; I will pay off the next two cards by the month’s end. I am very satisfied with the plan and intend to follow it as best I can.”


Dr. B

“Since I started working with Caroline, I better understand my financial portfolio. In less than 4
months I would have paid close to 15,000 on my existing debt. I have always had a great credit
score but now it’s almost 800. I paid an $ 11,000 down payment on my youngest son’s car. I feel
financial freedom is right around the corner. Thank you Caroline. As you can see, I am an
obedient student.”

Dr. H. Glasper, general dentist in MD

“I have experienced a change in my mindset and also the beginning of this journey has made me feel excited and eager to do more to reach financial freedom and generational wealth. I am thinking how following this plan will make me more suitable in my personal life as well as business affairs. It has definitely allowed me to take the opportunity to cut out things that were not absolutely necessary or things I over indulged in.”


Dr. R

“Whew down to my last loan!!! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel lol thank you!!!

Dr. Y

Dr. Y


“Officially student loan debt free!! Paid off 115k in 29 months. Words can’t describe the amount
of joy and relief I feel. Special thank you to Dr. Caroline for guiding me in the right direction
and creating a plan for me to follow in order to pay them off so quickly!”

Dr. Yancey, pharmacist in WI

“I looked at my credit scores on Credit Karma and all 3 are in the high 7 hundreds! Yayyyyy!!


Former dentist, TX

“The moment I heard Dr. Clerisme’s story and the snow ball plan on steroids; I said that’s the plan for me; I immediately got in contact with her by sending an email to her before the webinar ended and set up a coaching call very shortly after. I just thought to myself how I would love to be debt free and not feel held back by student loans after I’ve worked so hard to obtain my DMD; I never imagined the very thing I thought would enhance my life and afford me the opportunity to live better would also be a barrier in many aspects. I realized that I had not made the best financial decisions over the years and feared that I was too deep in to correct them in a timely manner. Speaking with Dr. Clerisme gave me hope. I’ve already started the plan recommended and am excited to see progress as I meet the mark of each recommendation.”


General dentist in NJ

“Good morning Caroline … I am following the plan and look forward to paying off two more CCs this Friday.”


General dentist in NJ

“I highly recommend work with Dr. Clerisme!! You will not be disappointed.


Pharmacist in WI

Pharmacist in WI